Der Besuch der Buchmesse hat sich gelohnt, „Das Magazin“ hat in seiner Maiausgabe eine Illustration von mir!

Als Ostkind, das mit dem Magazin aufgewachsen ist, macht mich das schon etwas stolz :).

I am happy, excited and a tiny bit proud to be featured in the latest issue of „Das Magazin“!!!
„Das Magazin“ is an institution on the german magazine market and was once called „East Germany’s New Yorker“.
It was a constant companion, because my dad had/has a subscription as long as I can think. Cheerio, I’m off to do a little happy dance!

You can find more about the Magazin’s history here.

Ich bin hier!

Eine kleine Betrachtung zum Thema Eigenwerbung. A little look at self promotion (English subtitles below).


There it is: the fear of the blank page. / Tonight it was all so clear. / how I don’t really want to write about myself. / There are so many much more important issues. / Than me – of all things. / MISERY HARM DESTRUCTION / EXODUS FEAR HATE / And me? I’m sitting here on my little pink cloud…
I am well looked after. / Healthy / Loved / And have luxury problems at the most. / I have a job that I love. / And I actually think I am quite good at it.
But I hope it will be worth it eventually. / Eternal purgatory (where the good pictures go that nobody wants to see) / I send mails, letters, portfolios. Sometimes I even get an answer. …very interesting. Unfortunately it does not suit our program. Thank you and good luck! / And then there come the doubts: Am I good enough? – Should I have stuck to architecture? (NO!) – Maybe I should just go and get a day job. – But then I would not have time to draw at all. – Do I have the RIGHT to do what I love? Even if it doesn’t pay off? – Other people are working really hard, and I am sitting here, comfortably, drawing pictures!? – But ok ones… – SO? – … / Maybe I haven’t found the right people yet, who want exactly what I do. – Do they actually exist? – LOOK OUT FOR THEM! – I do! – DO IT BETTER! Take that leap and overcome your fears! Get out there! Tell the people you’re good! – But that makes me feel so uncomfortable. – WHY?
Ok, I am a child of the GDR. / From Mecklenburg / And rather introverted. / Furthermore: I live pretty remote / and have a family. / I try, but networking in person is difficult. Illustration and comics meet-ups in Rostock, Berlin or Hamburg – too far away. (Without me) / Still: Recognition! / Commissions! / Earning Money!? / … would be nice for my self-esteem. / Why can’t I promote myself right? / Anyway.
I AM HERE! FIND ME! / Where is my invisibility cloak? PS. I am at the Leipzig book fair in March. NETWORKING!




Sweny’s Pharmacy – Ulysses Interior #10

– Yes, sir, the chemist said. You can pay all together, sir, when you come back.


Dieses Interior war schwierig – es gibt die Drogerie wirklich immer noch, und so sehr ich gern einmal kurz vorbeigeschaut hätte – eine Reise nach Dublin paßt leider, leider nicht so einfach mal in den Alltag hinein… Ich hoffe trotzdem, daß mein Bild dem Ort gerecht wird.

This was a hard one because this pharmacy really exists and I couldn’t just go on a quick site visit – as much as I would want to! I do hope I did the place some justice.

Bronze by Gold … Ulysses Interior #9

Jingle jingle jaunted jingling.

Ormond Hotel Bar, nachmittags. Kronleuchter, blattgoldbeletterter Barspiegel, Schnapprollo etc. inklusive. Sowie mannigfaltige maritime und „sirenische“ Winke.


Ormond Hotel Bar, in the afternoon. Including chandelier, gilt mirror, snap blind etc. As are many a maritime an „sireny“ hints. But have a look yourself.



Zur Bloomsday-Woche ein extra Angebot in meinem Shop: Zu jeder Bestellung gibt es einen 10×8″ Druck der Wahl gratis dazu!

Einfach beim Checkout BLOOMSWEEK und den Titel des „Wunschdruckes“ angeben 🙂



Ulysses Interior #8

Los gehts – diese Woche ist Bloomsday und aus diesem Anlass hatte ich ein neues Interior auf meinem Arbeitstisch. Es gehört zum vorletzten Kapitel, Ithaca, und zeigt einen heimlichen Blick in den Wohnzimmerspiegel in der Eccles Street, justament als der gute alte Poldi schlafen gegangen ist.

Here we go – Bloomsweek has started and on my desk I had another Interior for the occasion. It belongs to Ithaca –  have a furtive look in the  Eccles Street living room mirror when good old Poldi has just gone off to bed.






Freeman’s Journal – Ulysses Interior #7

Ein Blick in die Räume des Freeman’s Journal – wenn der ganze Trubel gerade mal kurz woanders stattfindet.

A look into the offices of the Freeman’s Journal – in one of the rare moments when all the hustle and bustle happens just out of sight.