Ich bin hier!

Eine kleine Betrachtung zum Thema Eigenwerbung. A little look at self promotion (English subtitles below).


There it is: the fear of the blank page. / Tonight it was all so clear. / how I don’t really want to write about myself. / There are so many much more important issues. / Than me – of all things. / MISERY HARM DESTRUCTION / EXODUS FEAR HATE / And me? I’m sitting here on my little pink cloud…
I am well looked after. / Healthy / Loved / And have luxury problems at the most. / I have a job that I love. / And I actually think I am quite good at it.
But I hope it will be worth it eventually. / Eternal purgatory (where the good pictures go that nobody wants to see) / I send mails, letters, portfolios. Sometimes I even get an answer. …very interesting. Unfortunately it does not suit our program. Thank you and good luck! / And then there come the doubts: Am I good enough? – Should I have stuck to architecture? (NO!) – Maybe I should just go and get a day job. – But then I would not have time to draw at all. – Do I have the RIGHT to do what I love? Even if it doesn’t pay off? – Other people are working really hard, and I am sitting here, comfortably, drawing pictures!? – But ok ones… – SO? – … / Maybe I haven’t found the right people yet, who want exactly what I do. – Do they actually exist? – LOOK OUT FOR THEM! – I do! – DO IT BETTER! Take that leap and overcome your fears! Get out there! Tell the people you’re good! – But that makes me feel so uncomfortable. – WHY?
Ok, I am a child of the GDR. / From Mecklenburg / And rather introverted. / Furthermore: I live pretty remote / and have a family. / I try, but networking in person is difficult. Illustration and comics meet-ups in Rostock, Berlin or Hamburg – too far away. (Without me) / Still: Recognition! / Commissions! / Earning Money!? / … would be nice for my self-esteem. / Why can’t I promote myself right? / Anyway.
I AM HERE! FIND ME! / Where is my invisibility cloak? PS. I am at the Leipzig book fair in March. NETWORKING!